Top 20 Weapons, Armor, Accessories from Greek Mythology

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Top20 des armes, armures, accessoires de la mythologie grecque

1 - The Cornucopia in Greek mythology

The horn of plenty, mythological object in the shape of a giant Triton's shell used by Ploutos , Greek god of wealth and abundance .

Created by Zeus when he broke a horn from one of his nurses, he gave it the power to abound with flowers and fruits to infinity, it represents wealth and fertility .

Depending on the wearer it can give several things, the God Ploutos also used it for wealth


2 - Athena's spear in Greek mythology

During a competition between the legendary King of the seas and oceans, Poseidon and the Goddess of war and strategy, Athena to know who would belong to the future city of Athens, Athena threw her spear on the ground to impose her choice on this location and at the moment when the spear was planted, a gigantic olive tree emerged from the earth, where the spear touched the ground.

The olive tree was incredibly beautiful, its trunk very thick and its leaves magnificent and very green, it was a sign and this city was conquered with a single spear stroke !

Everyone should choose a dark brunette or a bright blonde?

Athena's Spear

Athena pendant

3 - The hammer of Hephaestus from Greek mythology

His story is linked to his appearance, very ugly and rejected by his mother Hera , Hephaestus cultivated his engineering, and became the blacksmith of the gods and fire.

Equipped with a weapon created by himself, a hammer of unparalleled power , capable in the hand of a mortal of destroying anything.

This hammer forged several things but first and foremost the very first woman, Pandora.

He formed the weapons of Achilles, the immortal then the cnemides and the golden breastplate of Heracles as well as the palace of the gods !

The aegis of Zeus , the sandals of Hermes, the arrows of Artemis and Apollo, the golden cup which carries Helios across the oceans.

He also made an enchanted gold throne for his mother Hera to punish her.

Hephaestus' hammer

4 - The legendary armor of Achilles the immortal of Greek mythology

The lance of the demigod warrior Achilles, Ash that only he could lift and throw. It is a gift from the mythical Centaur Chiron

Achilles ' divine armor created by the fire god Hephaestus and reputed to be inviolable.


Achilles ring

5 - The arcs of the fraternal twins Apollo and Artemis from Greek mythology

Apollo 's bow could bring not only death but also famine and plague, his weapon could be a disaster in addition to its striking precision

The bow of her twin sister, Artemis also had a magical bow, the same powers as her brother as well as healing wounds and wounds.

To punish the goddess Niobe who had defied their mother Leto , the twin gods massacred with their arrows the fourteen children of Niobe who were called the Niobides.

the twins of greek mythology

6 - The hand of King Midas from Greek mythology

King Midas wanted everything he touched to turn to gold. And the god Dionysus granted him a favor, a short time later, Midas became the richest King in the world: vases, tables and chairs, but also trees and fruits... everything was transformed into gold .

But a few moments were enough for Midas to realize that he could no longer ingest food or water.

He begged the god Bacchus to regain his power, Dionysus then ordered him to wash his hands in the waters of the Pactolus , a river filled with gold flake.

King Midas

7 - Cupid's bow from Greek mythology

Cupid 's bow is Divine, his arrows even more so, being able to provoke love or hatred in the person who has been hit with an arrow.

These arrows were made of lead (hate) or gold (love) . The creator of the bow is still the God of Fire and Forging, Hephaestus .


8 - The arc of Ulysses from Greek mythology

Ulysses' bow that no one could bend. His dear and tender wife Penelope replied to the suitors who urged her to choose a new husband because hers was no longer coming back that she would only consent to marry the one who would be capable of stringing the bow of her deceased husband and shooting an arrow at the - below twelve axes aligned , as the great Ulysses could do before.

On his return, picking up his bow, passed the test.

After winning this test, the latter massacred with his arrows all the suitors having summoned Penelope to choose one of them and pillaged his house.


9 - The chariot of Apollo and Helios from Greek mythology

The chariot of the sun god Helios is also driven by Apollo or by his son Phaeton who marks the course of the solar star.

Several horses pull the chariot:

  • Lampos (dazzling noon or resplendent)
  • Actaeon (Radiant Dawn or the Luminous)
  • Chronos (Time)
  • Ethion (Red Fiery)
  • Asterope (Starry Eyes)
  • Bronté (Thunder)
  • Pyrois (flaming)
  • Eritrea (Rising Sun)
  • Phlegon (Setting Sun)
  • Éuos (from the east)

Some names are familiar to titans but they are indeed winged horses!

These horses would live among others in the heavenly stables

Ethion, Asterope, Bronté and Phlegon generally pull Helios' chariot while Lampos and Actaeon are harnessed to the chariot, the others rest in the celestial stables

When Helios is on his chariot, Apollo holds another chariot.

The tank can also burst into flames as soon as it flies, it goes very fast, capable of traveling around the earth in a few minutes.

Apollo and Helios

10 - The Caduceus of Hermes from Greek mythology

The Caduceus of the god of speed, divine attribute of Hermes or Asclepius , his son made up of a staff and two intersecting serpents. He has healing powers, he can resurrect the dead. The snake is sometimes associated with medicine.

The Caduceus of Hermes

11 - The wings of Icarus from Greek mythology

The wings of wax and feathers of Daedalus who invented them to escape with his son Icarus from the Labyrinth that he himself built. Daedalus warns Icarus not to fly too close to the sun. Intoxicated by flight, carelessness or pride, using these wings too close to the sun, the error happened they melted, thus precipitating its fall into the sea.


12 - The boots of the God Hermes of Greek mythology

Winged sandals, divine attribute of the god Hermes , consisting of a pair of winged sandals allowing him to fly from Mount Olympus to Earth to carry divine messages.


13 - Jason and the Golden Fleece of the winged ram from Greek mythology

The Golden Fleece , fleece of Chrysomallos, a winged ram on which Phrixos and Hellé fled to escape their stepmother, Ino. It was stolen by Jason, Hercules and the Argonauts with the help of Medea .

Jason and the Golden Fleece

14 - Aphrodite's belt from Greek mythology

Aphrodite 's belt. It was made by Hephaestus. This belt grants any woman who wears it an irresistible attraction. Aphrodite uses it to seduce Hephaestus when she is unfaithful to him, Hephaestus always forgiving her.


15 - The Hydra bow and arrows of Hercules from Greek mythology

Hercules ' bow and arrows dipped in the blood of the Lernaean Hydra, Hercules' arrows were deadly. The Centaurs, including the innocent Chiron, paid the price, but especially Nessus, who tried to rape Deianira at the Evenos ford.


16 - The Kunée helmet of Hades from Greek mythology

The Kunée of the god of the underworld, Hades , created by the Cyclops, which makes its wearer invisible. The god Hermes borrowed it to kill the giant Hippolytus.

Hades wears it almost constantly to observe mortals.


17 - The legendary shield, the aegis of Zeus and Athena from Greek mythology

The aegis, the panic-inducing shield made by Hephaestus. It belongs to Athena orZeus . There might be two aegises. The aegis of Zeus, covered with the skin of the goat Amalthea. In addition to spreading panic, the aegis can send thunder and lightning whenever Zeus wants it.

The aegis of Athena, covered with the skin of the giant Pallas . In addition to spreading panic, the aegis can petrify anyone who looks at it, due to the head of the Gorgogne Medusa attached to it.

The most plausible story is that since Athena is Zeus' favorite child, she inherits Mount Olympus and therefore the aegis and its weapons and power. She therefore recovers the aegis and modifies it for her personal use.

Zeus and Athena

18 - The incredible Trident of Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite from Greek mythology

Poseidon 's trident with which he struck the Acropolis of the future city of Athens, from which a spring of salt water in the shape of a horse emerged.

This trident can also cause earthquakes when you hit the ground with it .

The trident of Amphitrite , wife of Poseidon, a combat trident less powerful than that of her husband but proving her marriage with the king of the oceans. She commands sea creatures thanks to it.

Poseidon and Amphitrite

Poseidon pendant

19 - The terrifying Lightning of Zeus from Greek mythology

One of the ultimate weapons of the Greek world, THE lightning of Zeus, a weapon made for him by the Cyclops, his uncles, and possessing three lightning bolts :

  • The first to warn
  • The second to punish
  • The third for the end of time.

He can burn a city to ashes in a flash.

He wears his status as King of the gods well with this weapon.

Zeus' thunderbolt

Zeus Lightning Pendant

20 - The unbeatable spear of Trium, the divine weapon of Greek mythology

The Spear of Trium is an all-destroying weapon, technically capable of destroying the planet. Created inadvertently by the gods when assembling their respective weapons to fight the Titans .

Too powerful, it was separated directly and the gods found another solution against the Titans. It is composed of three segments:

The tips of Poseidon 's trident as well as his powers, the lightning and lightning of Zeus and the darkness as well as the spear of Hades .

The three combined, capable of literally "One shot" a Titan. But having consequences on the earth behind as well as on the gods because it sucks vitality while they are immortal!

The Trium Spear

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