Mount Olympus, palace and residence of the gods of Greek mythology

January 31, 2022 1 min read

Le Mont Olympe

What is Mount Olympus?

Mount Olympus is a so-called "shield" type mountain, it is a shield volcano due to the results of a series of very fluid basaltic lava emissions.

it is 2917 meters high.

It is possible to climb Mount Olympus via certain "routes", the best known is more popular from the small village of Prionia, 18 km from Litochoro. Then 2.5 hours to reach a first refuge then about 3 more hours to the summit of Mytikas. After that you can continue, it's straight ahead!

It would also be here that the gods of Greek mythology reside.

Mount Olympus

Who built Olympus, the palace of the gods of Greek mythology?

Hephaestus who took over the task of building the palace of the gods of Olympus, Zeus needed a place where he could dominate the living, the dead and other deities.

The palace of the gods of Greek mythology

Mount Olympus pendant

Where are the gods of Olympus in Greek mythology?

In mythology, Mount Olympus represented the place where gods and goddesses feasted and contemplated men.

There are twelve gods in Olympus, Zeus, king of Olympus, his wife Hera, his children and also his brother Poseidon.

the residence of the gods of Olympus

Mount Olympus on Mars?

It is not only on earth that Mount Olympus exists, on earth it measures 2917 meters, on Mars we are on the equivalent of our French country..

A completely different and truly enormous dimension with a size of 21,229 kilometers high and approximately 600 kilometers in diameter, enough to make Greek Mount Olympus blush!

the mountain of mars

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