Security & Payment

Mont Olympe uses the best payment processors which are none other than Stripe and Paypal. These intermediaries make it possible to manage transactions and collect payments in a 100% secure manner.

Please also note that the banking information provided on the payment form is encrypted and protected using the SSL protocol, the best existing encryption technology.

In fact, we are able to assure you that payments are indeed secure on our site.

All of our customers' personal information (surnames, first names, addresses, bank details, etc.) are secured so that they can be stored in our database without being able to be retrieved by an unauthorized third party.

For more information, see our privacy policy .

As mentioned above in the section "Are payments secure?", we use two payment processors which are Stripe and PayPal.

Therefore, we are able to accept payments by:

- Bank card (credit/debit card)

- PayPal

As a brand, we market our products via this website. In fact, it is essential for us (and for you) to guarantee an optimal level of security, whether to place an order with complete peace of mind or simply to browse the different pages.

Thus our Le Mont Olympe site is equipped, among other things, with an HTTPS URL ( with a padlock which allows users to quickly identify an index of confidence.

Order & Delivery

We guarantee delivery times between 4 and 10 days.

Each order is provided with package tracking which allows you to follow step by step its delivery to the destination specified during purchase.

Hermes, the messenger god, personally takes care of delivering your package anywhere in the world.

All joking aside, we are actually able to deliver to you no matter where you live. To do this, make sure to fill in your contact details using the different fields to fill out.

PLEASE NOTE: in the event of an error on your part when providing your contact details, we are not responsible for any delivery problems. It is therefore up to you to be careful during this step.

If your order is:

- Not shipped and not prepared: you can cancel your order free of charge, you will then be refunded the total amount of your purchase. To do so, contact us via the contact form .

- Unshipped and prepared (ready to send): you can always cancel your order in the same way by contacting us here , however we will apply a cancellation fee of 40% of the total amount of your purchase. Indeed, in this specific case we cannot reimburse you in full because the package is already ready, the items are packaged, and work time was necessary to achieve this.

- Shipped: in this case, you can no longer cancel your order because it is already in transit to the delivery address.

First of all, please check the date you placed your order. Indeed, as indicated in the "What are the delivery times" section, your package may take up to 10 days to arrive at its destination (depending on the quantity of the item, the destination, any disruptions, etc.).

If, despite everything, the deadline has been exceeded, it is then completely legitimate to ask questions. In this case, you can contact us via the contact form and tell us about your problem (remember to indicate the order number so that we can resolve the problem as quickly as possible).

No ! Delivery costs are free to all our customers and with no minimum purchase amount.

Refund & Return

If you notice a problem with your order upon receipt, you can contact us via:

- the contact form , or better yet:

- by email or on Instagram @mont.0lympe so that you can send us a photo of the problem in question.

Contact us via the contact form , explaining as precisely as possible the subject of your dissatisfaction, we will see what we can do.

The Mont Olympe brand

Mont Olympe is a French brand inspired by Greek culture and mythology. We are based in France.

A page is made just for that! Simply visit the about page.