About Mount Olympus and Us

who is behind Mount Olympus

Who is behind Mount Olympus?

Mount Olympus was created in 2020 by one of the young French entrepreneurs who is a fan of Greek mythology who had the idea of ​​selling all his ideas and creations for people who are obviously fans of Greek mythology .

After an eventful start in 2021, a fairly complex set-up, a good cruising speed was established and everything started to work for us.

Video creations first on Tiktok, posted on Instagram and YouTube, then logo creations of Greek gods and streetwear designs for new generations, there is something for all tastes and for all ages .

Based in the south of France, we work with many suppliers across Europe and the world to be able to provide quality objects as quickly as possible. We work with organic and 100% recycled cotton for our clothes for eco-responsibility , which is very important for us as a young generation.

A concise and short story because we are still a very young company but thanks to you we will be able to write the rest of the story!