Ares: God of war and wrath from Greek mythology

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Ares god of war

The story of Ares, god of war and battlefields in Greek mythology

Ares is the god of combat and protection of the soil, son of Zeus and Hera , has sisters, Hebe and Ilithyia. Very popular for his angry temperament, incredible strength and ruthlessness, he seduces humans and inspires the legendary Spartans!

Described by Hesiod in his Theogony as “Shield-piercing Ares” and “City-sackering Ares”, the god represented the more brutal and bloody side of war.

The story of Ares

The role of Ares in Greek mythology

Ares is part of the Greek pantheon and the second generation of Olympians. He doesn't care about anything or anyone, feared as much by men as by the gods, he is the spirit of Battle, who rejoices in carnage and blood.

Its role is to give hope and strength during battles.

the role of Ares

Ares pendant from Greek mythology

The incredible powers of the god Ares of Greek mythology

The powers most commonly attributed to Ares:

  1. War: As the god of war, Ares had the power to start conflicts and protect warriors on the battlefield. He was often depicted with armor and a sword, and was considered a fearsome warrior.

  2. Violence: Ares was also associated with violence and destruction, and could use his powers to inflict injury and damage.

  3. Masculinity: Ares was also considered the god of masculinity and strength, and had the power to give strength and endurance to men.

  4. Protection of Men: Ares also had the power to protect men and help them achieve their goals. He was often invoked by warriors before going into battle.

the powers of Ares

Ares ring

The attributes of the god of anger, Ares of Greek mythology

The symbols most commonly associated with Ares:

  1. The Sword: The sword was a symbol of war and violence, and was often associated with Ares as the god of war.

  2. Armor: Armor was a symbol of protection and defense, and was often associated with Ares as the god of war.

  3. The Shield: The shield was a symbol of defense and protection, and was often associated with Ares as the god of war.

  4. The Helmet: The helmet was a symbol of war and masculinity, and was often associated with Ares as the god of war.

  5. The Lion's Head Shield: The lion's head shield was a symbol of strength and power, and was often associated with Ares as the god of war.

the attributes of Ares

The battles of Ares from Greek mythology

Ares and Athena are everywhere. They are found in every battle, participate in every important fight.

For a long time Ares protected Hector of Troy, a chosen fighter, but in front of Achilles even Ares himself changed sides! he was called by several names by the Trojans such as " Ares the hateful" or "the curse of men".

He had a tender son who refused to execute prisoners and this enraged Apollo who sent Hercules to punish him. Hercules struck too hard and killed Ares' son, Cycnos .

Faced with such sadness and affront Ares confronted Hercules , bad luck for our god, Hercules was protected by Athena and he managed to pierce Ares. The fight stopped there and everyone went their separate ways.

Supporting the Achaeans , he was in discord and fought Athena because she did not approve of his actions at all.

the battles of Ares

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