Hephaestus: God of Fire and Forging in Greek mythology

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The story of Hephaestus, god of fire and forging in Greek mythology

God of Greek mythology, at the origin of underground fire, then of domestic and artisanal hearths, master of the arts of forging and working with metals and fire.

Son of Hera , ugly, lame and blacksmith of the gods, he had the cruel destiny of loving the most beautiful creatures in the universe: Charis , Aglae and Aphrodite .

the story of Hephaestus

Its role in Greek mythology and within the gods of Olympus

Rejected by his mother Hera because he was lame, thrown from Mount Olympus into the ocean then collected by Tethys and Eurynomé , who raised him in an underwater cave and for whom he did many jobs (forging in particular for Tethys , his mother, the weapons of Achilles ). Generally speaking, the god's infirmity fits well with his mastery of fire and its techniques, with his dual aspect of great technician and great magician.

After that the gods of Olympus gave him the mission to sit on Mount Olympus to build the weapons of the gods

It was at this time that he was designated blacksmith of the gods, god of fire and volcanoes.

the role of Hephaestus

Works for the world and the gods of Olympus from Greek mythology

His workshop is in the volcanoes where he works with the cyclops , in addition to the weapons of Achilles , he also made a golden throne which imprisoned those who sat on it and which he sent to Hera to take revenge on him. affront from his mother.

No technical miracle is impossible for him and his help, in the Trojan War, as in gigantomachy, is always decisive.

The Labors of Hephaestus

The wives of the god Hephaestus

While he is infirm and ugly, Hephaestus was given women of great beauty: his wife was Charis (Grace), Aglae (brilliance of beauty), the youngest of the Charites, Aphrodite offered by Zeus .

He will still be disappointed not to be able to seek out the beautiful and strong Athena . In a moment of desperation, Hephaestus attempted an unwanted ejaculation against Athena, who pushed the semen onto the ground and gave birth to Erichthonios , one of the legendary kings of Athens.

the wives of Hephaestus

Hephaistos ring god of forging and fire

The Attributes and Symbols of Hephaestus from Greek Mythology

  1. The Hammer: The hammer was a symbol of smithing and manufacturing, and was often associated with Hephaestus as the god of fire and smithing.

  2. Tongs: Tongs were a symbol of smithing and manufacturing, and were often associated with Hephaestus as the god of fire and smithing.

  3. Fire: Fire was a symbol of forging and transformation, and was often associated with Hephaestus as the god of fire and forging.

  4. The Helmet: The helmet was a symbol of protection and defense, and was often associated with Hephaestus as the god of the smithy.

the attributes of Hephaestus

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