Kratos: Ghost of Sparta, destroyer and slayer of the gods of Greek mythology

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Who is Kratos in Greek mythology?

Kratos is a character from Greek mythology, but he is also known for being the main protagonist of the "God of War" video game series.

In Greek mythology, Kratos is the god of strength and power first and then god of war himself to sit in the Greek pantheon


Cratos or Kratos? which one really existed in Greek mythology?

In traditional Greek mythology, there is no character named Kratos who is specifically associated with a defined story or role. On the other hand, there is indeed a Cratos.

Cratos is the son ofStyx , one of the Oceanides, and the Titan Pallas . He is the brother of Bia (Strength), Zelos (Zeal) and Nike (Victory).

Mentioned in mythological stories as a companion of the gods, aidingZeus and the other deities in their exploits and battles. Its presence symbolizes the power and vigor that sustains the gods and their enterprises.

Cratos on this side also has a stylish background.


Why did Kratos kill all the gods of Greek mythology?

Kratos was once a servant of the Olympian gods. However, he was manipulated and deceived by them, leading to the death of his wife and daughter. Consumed by grief and rage, Kratos seeks revenge on those he considers responsible for his suffering.

Throughout his quest, Kratos confronts and kills numerous Olympian gods, as well as mythological creatures. His ultimate goal is to eliminate the gods who betrayed his trust and take revenge against them.

Once successful, he understood that revenge was not the solution but rather redemption.

God Killer

blades of chaos

Is Kratos the most evil character in Greek mythology?

There are gods and creatures that can be considered more malevolent or evil than Kratos.

For example, figures such as Typhon , the Cyclops Polyphemus , or even goddesses like Eris (the goddess of discord) and the Erinyes (the Furies) are often associated with more negative actions and intentions.

There are even stories of sexual barbarities with Zeus and Poseidon , Medusa, etc...

Kratos evil?

What are the powers of the god Kratos in Greek mythology?

  1. Superhuman Strength: Kratos is blessed with immense strength, allowing him to lift and throw massive objects, as well as defeat opponents far larger and more powerful than him.

  2. Blades of Chaos: Kratos' signature weapons are the Blades of Chaos, blades attached to flaming chains that allow him to perform rapid and powerful attacks.

  3. Rage of Sparta: Kratos can summon a devastating rage called "Rage of Sparta" which increases his combat power, allowing him to deal additional damage to his enemies.

  4. Divine Powers: As a demigod, Kratos possesses divine abilities, including increased health regeneration and resistance to injury.

  5. Elemental Powers: During his adventures, Kratos acquires different elemental powers such as lightning, fire and ice, allowing him to use these elements to attack and manipulate his environment.

the powers of kratos

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