Top 10 tattoos on Greek mythology

June 08, 2023 2 min read

Top 10 des tatouages sur la mythologie grecque

Tattoos are diverse and varied, the meaning and designs are different for everyone, you have to appreciate the differences

Here is a top 10 tattoo on Greek mythology:

1 - The Griffin

The griffin tattoo signifies the role of guardian. It can also embody divine punishment, it symbolizes vigilance, protection, courage, wisdom.

Griffin tattoo

2 - The Minotaur

The meaning of the minotaur tattoo defines the wild aspect of man and his most primitive instincts.

minotaur tattoo

3 - Pegasus

It symbolizes the rapidity of thought and its speed, also the duality of human nature, the animal instinct and its desire for elevation.

pegasus tattoo

4 - Artemis

Among the Greeks, the goddess Artemis represented fertility and wild nature

artemis tattoo

5 - Hades

The meaning of the Hades tattoo is rather simple because it represents the personification of death itself. It symbolizes the dark side of humans and a very protective side.

greek gods tattoo

6 - Athena

The Athena tattoo symbolizes wisdom of mind, quiet strength and warrior spirit.


7 - Ares

Ares in tattoo symbolizes living energy, sacred fire, aggression and power. it also represents his determination to triumph.

greek tattoo

8 - Poseidon

It symbolizes channeling one's emotions, flowing like fresh water rather than crashing like waves. It represents ease with water, the sea or the ocean.

poseidon tattoo

9 - Medusa

The Medusa tattoo has several meanings, the first being the most important, feminine power, the second a little less glorious represents evil and jealousy.

In recent years this tattoo has been adopted to represent women who have become stronger after rape or touching.

jellyfish tattoo

10 - Zeus

Zeus tattoos represent supreme power . it therefore symbolizes power. authority and strength.

It can also represent royalty, lust and envy.

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