The 5 most terrifying monsters in Greek mythology

April 23, 2023 1 min read

Les 5 monstres les plus terrifiants de la mythologie grecque

1 - The Harpies in Greek mythology

Creatures that were half women, half birds, with bird claws, who devoured everything in their path and spread terror in the air.


2 - Giants in Greek mythology

Creatures of gigantic size that were often considered enemies of gods and humans. They were born from the union between the primordial deities Gaia and Uranus and were considered very powerful and formidable beings


3 - The minotaur in Greek mythology

The Minotaur - A half-man, half-bull creature that inhabited the Cretan Labyrinth. The Minotaur was fed on humans and was feared for its physical strength and ferocity


4 - The gorgon in Greek mythology

A creature with snakes for hair and a gaze that can turn anyone who looks at it to stone.


5 - Typhon the monster of Greek mythology

A giant creature with a hundred heads and dragon wings, who attempted to overthrow Zeus and rule Olympus.


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