Top 10 best Greek mythology video games

September 03, 2022 4 min read

Top 10 des meilleurs jeux vidéos de la mythologie grecque

10 - GOD OF WAR (2005 - ps2)

In 10th position we find a PS2 classic, God of War, the first of its name, with the most violent anti-hero over several generations.

Quite impressive rewards and to name just a few; Best video game of 2005, best beat'em all, the most violent, the cream of Sony computer and others..

We find our Spartan "Hero" and therefore born in Sparta by the name of Kratos who is a warrior leader, very respected and feared, with a strangely inhuman, even divine, strength.

One day, faced with the invasion of a barbarian army during a bloody battle, he prays and makes a pact with Ares, God of war, in exchange for his total allegiance to him... The very violent sequel follows. pushes to hurt many of the people he loves because Ares is a god who has no mercy.

god of war 1

9 - Zeus the Master of Olympus (2000 - PC)

Zeus The Master of Olympus is the fifth video game title from the series of city management games, created by Impressions Games and published and distributed by Sierra Entertainment. Like previous titles, Zeus centers on the construction and development of a city from ancient times. This one left its mark on the general public.

The goal is to build and maintain your city, still playable for those most interested!

Some rewards; Best management game, best game set in antiquity, best historical game of the 2000s

Zeus Master of Olympus game

8 - Apotheon (2015 - PS4 and PC)

Apotheon is a dynamic, brutal and bloody 2D game with a very striking graphic style because it uses the codes of tapestries and wall engravings, objects of antiquity.

Based on many stories from Greek mythology you can find many gods, heroes and ancient beasts from ancient times

Apotheon game


7 - Hercules (1997 - PS1, PC and Gameboy)

Based on the universe of Greek mythology but more precisely on that of Walt Disney, Hercules is a true classic of this generation and one of the many beauties of Greek mythology.

We therefore embody Hercules/Heracles who must go from Zero to Hero with several tests to pass while saving his sweetheart

Hercules game 1997

6 - Total War Saga: Troy (2020 - PC)

It is a turn-based strategy and real-time tactics video game developed and published by Creative Assembly, retracing the history of the Troy War and bringing to life the famous stories of Odysseus and the Iliad

A rather pleasant graphic level and a very faithful reconstruction of the story with Hector the Prince of Troy and Achilles the immortal.

Total war saga troy game

5 - God of War Ghost of Sparta (2010 - PS3, PSP and PSVITA)

Became the god of war after killing Ares and the Ghost of Sparta, due to his off-white skin color due to the ashes of his wife and daughter. He goes in search of his mother Callisto, detained in Atlantis, at Poseidon's palace.

God of war has more and more rewards like; Best portable console video game, best of 2010 with god of war 3, best of beat'em all

God of war ghost of sparta

4 - Age of Mythology (2002 - PC)

A classic of the PC and of the 2000s, it revealed strategy and management video games, this one allowed to give birth to children like Diablo 1,2 and 3 and many others, like in first place for example!

Age of mythology game

3 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey (2018 - PC and Consoles)

Voted by many as one of the best games of all time and voted as the best game in the Assassin's Creed series, it's normal that it finds itself here in the TOP3.

The game takes place in ancient Greece in the middle of Greek mythology where it is possible to play as a man named Alexios, or a woman named Kassandra for the first time. each one having its well-defined attractions with a completely modular scenario with decisions which will have an impact on the finality of the game.

Encounters with dozens of Greek deities or even bestiaries.

Lots of rewards like; one of the Best games of 2018, one of the most played games in 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, one of the best games on the PS4, one of the most notable of 2018 at E3 and still a lot of added value!

Assassin's creed odyssey

2 - God of War 3 (2010 - PS3 and PS4)

Classified as a video game monument, elite of new generations in 2010, even still in 2022, Kratos is making headlines through this brutal, bloody and heartbreaking opus, filled with murder.

This opus is the redemption of our anti-Hero who killed his father Zeus and all the deities of Greek mythology.

The rewards awarded to this hero are crazy like; The most badass, violent hero and anti-hero, the best of 3D games and others!

god of war 3

1 - Hades (2020 - Consoles and PC)

After hundreds of years living in hell, Zagreus, son of Hades and Persephone, decides to join his family on Mount Olympus where all his uncles and aunts feast for eternity. For some reason Hades blocks his son's path and hides a terrible truth from him.

An excellent game with hundreds of power combinations between gods/goddesses mixed with legendary weapons and ancient Greek mythology


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