Apollo: God of male beauty and the arts in Greek mythology

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The story of Apollo, god of arts, songs and male beauty in Greek mythology

Son of Zeus and Leto, he is the god of music and song, of masculine beauty, of solar light. Apollo is better known under the name Phoebos, “the Brilliant”. He is with his twin sister Artemis the archer god and goddess.

the story of Apollo

The battles of the god Apollo from Greek mythology

His most violent "fight" is the massacre of Niobe's family and children with her sister Artemis.

He is said to have taken possession of Paris during the Trojan War when Achilles cut off the head of the statue of the sun god at the temple of Apollo. The arrow will directly hit the ultimate Greek warrior.

Among the battles of Apollo, we do not publish the fight against various enemies (the monster Python, the giants Aloades, the monster Tityos, the archer Eurytos of Oechalia, the defeat and death of Marsyas and Linus who had dared to compete with his legendary singing.

Apollo's battles
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The powers of Apollo, god of light in Greek mythology

He is the god of purifications and healing, but can bring plague through his bow, so through his bow and arrows of light he can bring different spells to the world

With his lyre and his song he can captivate any living being and make it do anything.

Like his sister Artemis , he shoots arrows with 100% accuracy but he can control his arrows remotely unlike his sister and ignite them.

the powers of Apollo
Apollo pendant

The loves of Apollo, god of beauty in Greek mythology

The god Apollo was wildly popular with everyone, man or woman, he had his first wife Calliope , muse of poetry in Greek mythology.

Apollo had a very great one-sided love caused by a golden arrow for him and a lead arrow for Daphne, from Eros (Cupid) because Apollo had too much pride and he was made fun of due to the difference in the size and effectiveness of each person's arc.

the loves of Apollo

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