The Myth of Sisyphus from Greek mythology

December 16, 2022 2 min read

Le mythe de Sisyphe

Who is Sisyphus from Greek mythology?

Sisyphus has an important place in Greek mythology. Grandson of Poseidon, son of Aeolus , god of the wind, and Enarete , he is the husband of the Pléiade Merope with whom he had three sons. Sisyphus who is known for his tricks , founder of the famous city of Corinth and therefore King of it which then bore the name Ephyra just before it was renamed.

who is Sisyphus?

What is Sisyphus' crime?

When his country lacked water, Sisyphus went to see the river god so that he could come to his aid. Asopos was prepared to render him a service on the condition that it was an exchange of good proceeds. He also asked him for a service, finding his daughter Aegina who had been kidnapped.
Sisyphus had seen the King of the gods , Zeus, take the girl, so he agreed to reveal the identity of the person to the river god Asopos in exchange for a source of infinite water.

Asopos accepts, Sisyphus saves his country but by denouncing the father of all,Zeus , he attracts the anger of the king of the gods, who charges Death himself, Thanatos, with killing him.

But when Thanatos came to Sisyphus, the latter succeeded by a ruse in chaining Thanatos who could not lead him to the Underworld.

Zeus then sent his most formidable son, Ares god of war, to deliver Death from this trap. Thus promised certain death, Sisyphus secretly asked his wife not to celebrate sacrifices and ritual funerals.

When he appeared before the god of the Underworld Hades , he allowed him to return to the world of the living to punish his wife for her betrayal for not having honored him. Once he returned, he refused to go back down to the world of the dead.

For rebelling against the will of the gods by entrusting their secrets and information to humans and also defrauding them he was imprisoned for eternity.

The crime of Sisyphus

Sisyphus ring

What is the sentence of Sisyphus divinity of Greek mythology?

The god Sisyphus was ordered by his uncle Hades to push a rock up a hill, only to see it roll down each time he reached the top. This task was considered an infinite punishment, and Sisyphus was condemned to repeat it for eternity.

Sisyphus' punishment

Where does the expression “a Sisyphean task” come from?

Sisyphus is also often used as a metaphor to describe an impossible or endless task. In French, the expression "Sisyphean work" refers to a task that seems never to be completed or that is particularly difficult or frustrating.

a Sisyphean work

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