Hermes: Messenger of the gods of Greek mythology

March 17, 2022 2 min read

Hermès dieu messager de la mythologie grecque

Hermes messenger god

The story of the god Hermes Messenger of Olympus from Greek mythology

Renowned for his speed and cunning, the god Hermes is the protector of travelers, traders, thieves, herds and souls all the way to hell.

he is the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia , daughter of the Titan Atlas .

the story of the god Hermes

Its role in Greek mythology

His father attributed several functions to him, as messenger of the gods and of Olympus more precisely as well as guide of souls and the dead in hell. It is a sign of protection in humans

the role of Hermes

The quests of the god Hermes of Greek mythology

During the Trojan War , he decided to be on one side and took that of the Achaeans but did not participate in the battle. However, he finds himself facing Leto, mother of Apollo and Artemis , and refuses to fight her out of fear.

He is content to be the messenger and interpreter of his father Zeus , who will bring about a rather special alliance which will guide him to Mount Ida.

Hera, Athena , Aphrodite who compete for the golden apple, in order to submit them to the judgment of the archer Paris. He escorts Priam who has come to collect the body of the legendary Hector , in the Greek camp; he warns (unsuccessfully) Aegisthus not to kill Agamemnon. He transmits to the beautiful Calypso the order to free Ulysses .

Hermes' quests

Hermès ring

The powers of Hermes from Greek mythology

Hermes is very fast by nature, god of speed, when he is equipped with his sandals and his winged helmet, he flies at the speed of light. It can fly around the world in seconds.

He has his Caduceus which is the wand means power, the snakes mean prudence, the wings mean activity. The Caduceus , which represents several medical professions, is variously composed.

the powers of Hermes

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