Dionysus: God of Festivity in Greek mythology

June 07, 2022 1 min read

Dionysos : Dieu de la Festivité de la mythologie grecque

The story of the god of festivity from Greek mythology, Dionysus

Well known under the name of Bacchus , Dionysus is the son of Zeus and his mother Thyoné , better known under the name of Semele . It is also said in the Orphic Hymns that Persephone is also his mother. Dionysus is the god of parties, entertainment, food and alcohol.

the story of Dionysus

Dionysus pendant

The role of Dionysus in the history of Greek mythology

He is the precursor of alcohol, brought to the Greeks and men a taste for celebration, alcohol and more particularly wine. his role is to entertain men through the benefits of the earth after wars or difficult times that he sometimes created himself.

the role of Dionysus

The powers of the god Dionysus from Greek mythology

Dionysus has Alcokinesis which allows him to handle alcohol as he wishes, capable of making spikes, and throwing wine to pierce his enemies.

He can also change water into wine. he is endowed with a very special power which is intoxication, wherever he passes Dionysus through men causes bloody and disastrous wars .

Its attributes are the vines, leaves and bunches of wine.

The powers of Dionysus
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