Theia ring
Titanide of wealth

Immerse yourself in opulence with our Théia Ring, a tribute to the titan of wealth. Fashioned from stainless steel, adorned with a marbled stone, every detail of this ring captures the brilliance and abundance of prosperity.

Major Benefits:

  • Refined Elegance and Luxurious Details: The Théia Ring is a work of art in its own right, with every detail reflecting the splendor of wealth. Marbled stone adds a touch of sophistication, creating a luxurious and elegant design. ✨

  • Confidence and Self-Assertion: Carry abundance with confidence. This ring is not just a piece of jewelry, it is a symbol of confidence and self-esteem. It reminds you that wealth, whether material or interior, is your divine right. It’s a bold statement of confidence and success. 💎

  • Connection with Opulence and Happiness: The Théia Ring creates a deep connection with the world of opulence and happiness. By wearing it, you feel surrounded by the abundance of life, inviting you to manifest your dreams and aspirations. It's more than just a ring, it's a constant reminder of your own power to create wealth in every aspect of your life. 🌟

Emotional Aspect: The Théia Ring fills the deep need for prosperity, self-esteem and abundance. It provides an authentic well-being experience by evoking emotions of confidence, success and happiness.💰✨

    French size: equivalent to the circumference in mm.

    ⚡Refer to our MEASUREMENT GUIDE if you are not sure what size to order.

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